Our core principals come with experience, quality and efficiencies that ultimately lead to savings for our customers. We work with a highly-skilled network of machine shops worldwide that are trusted suppliers to tier one vendors. What makes us different? We collaborate and build partnerships with these vendors which has lead to an expanding network of transparency. By connecting and fostering these relationships we are able to broker a win for all parties involved. Our strength is the ability to manage all sized projects from large to small, from inception to execution and delivery. We are your partner that can handle it all while providing that bespoke concierge level of service to all of our clients.

Our focus is on our clients in meeting all of their tooling and manufacturing needs. Some of our other specialities include the ability to focus on custom one off pieces, prototypes, high precision, low volume work pieces, fixtures, and high mix/low volume, while providing fair market pricing to all of our clients. With our worldwide relationships we are also able to provide unique cost savings solutions by utilizing robotic and automation integration solutions to our clients. MFG Source Pros is your premier sourcing agency and are here to help you with any sized project for the medical, mining, military, aerospace, and defense industries.

Areas of expertise that MFG Source Pros brings to the table includes the following:

  • Prompt and expedited services available for production & development.
  • World-wide connections that enable customers to produce, develop and execute on needed tooling for multifaceted projects.
  • Handle complex and simple production of tools and equipment that might be needed for your particular job.
  • Status updates/provide full view of the project with deadlines.

Here is a list of our services and areas of focus at MFG Source Pros

  • Fixturing
  • Outsourcing work to domestic and overseas partners
  • Part Proficiencies, Reengineering and Redesign
  • Custom Work
  • Lower cost per unit
  • Partnered with engineering and design firms
  • Custom Gauging
  • Commodity tooling purchases
  • Robotic solutions
  • Effective pricing & price matching
  • 360 solution
  • Multidisciplinary areas of opportunities
  • Full confidentiality

MFG Source Pros is your premier broker and sourcing agency for the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to connect industry leaders and the tier one contractors with the best subcontractors worldwide, enabling them to focus on their niche specialties from the aerospace and medical sectors. There are many secondary operations that require many custom fixtures or custom tooling needed to make the primary part. We at MFG Sourcing Pros have the capabilities of expanding its offering with services such as part efficiency reprogramming, commodity tooling purchase, automation solutions and robotic offering opportunities. By doing so we are able to reduce costs, drive efficiencies and provide a 360 solution to our clients. With our relationships with elite manufacturing production shops we are able to exceed deadlines.

Having an extensive background in the manufacturing representative and Industrial distribution industries along with the resurgence of restoring/reshoring manufacturing work to the United States has led to a huge demand for qualified vendors to do quality work at a fair market price.  In the down turn of the market there becomes even more of a necessity and need to keep the work flowing and machines filled with work. To combat the change in market we will use trusted overseas vendors which work at a reduced burden rate thus lowering costs all around.  The use of the overseas manufacturers is a more risk advert model but does work when there are monetary constraints but is not to be used a primary resource unless deemed by customer.

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